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BUCHEN Industrial Services

BUCHEN’s industrial service ensures a maximum of safety, productivity and availability of installations and machines for industrial enterprises

Full service for industry

The comprehensive range of services offered by BUCHEN includes a great diversity of industrial services for the cleaning and maintenance of installations and installation parts. BUCHEN makes use of innovative technology and works with qualified personnel, but also offers special services such as the disposal of hazardous waste and the decontamination of land and buildings.

  • High pressure water jet cleaning

    • Cleaning using the high-pressure water jet method is a standard service provided in industrial cleaning and a core competency of BUCHEN. Even ingrained dirt can be reliably removed with the efficient cleaning method – for example, deposits in containers and on equipment or incrustations in pipelines, to name just a few.

    • Process can be utilised in many different ways

    Tank, vessel and column cleaning

    • During tank, vessel and column cleaning, all removable residues are cleared from the tank. With high-pressure water cleaning technology the most stubborn contamination is efficiently carried out of the tank with the flushing water.

    • All impurities are removed from the inner surface by means of special heads fitted with a large number of various nozzles.

    Power plant services

    • BUCHEN provides operators of conventional power stations, thermal waste reclamation plants as well as industrial incineration and steam-generating plants across Europe with special services that cover all aspects of cleaning, waste management and remediation. Individual service packages tailored to the requirements of our customers minimise their workload and organisational efforts and streamline audits and process sequences.

    • Depending on the particular task, we draw on a broard pallet of different cleaning processes.


    • Whether it's deconstruction of industrial facilities or remediation of buildings, BUCHEN develops an individual solution concept for each project, which meets all security and cost efficiency requirements.

    • We cooperate closely with the responsible authorities and obtain all the necessary approvals for our customers

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