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BUCHEN Industrial Services OÜ

BUCHEN has been characterised by the use of innovative techniques from day one. However, our specialists also develop new technical solutions to match the requirements of the customer and optimise technical applications and methods

Technology for any requirement

BUCHEN disposes of a large vehicle fleet with suction vehicles, multi-purpose vehicles and dust extraction vehicles along with a great diversity of high-pressure units with high capacity. Our logistical services offer a wide range of high-pressure equipment such as buffer heads and nozzles, various mobile and fixed installations and accessories for the different services. In addition, we offer containers for waste transport and transport options for hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

People-friendly and environmentally friendly technologies

  • Modern techniques and technologies along with automated, mobile methods are gentle to both people and the environment. They are the basis for a flexible and expert solution to the most diverse of requirements.

    • High pressure pumps

      • High-pressure pumps

        • BUCHEN uses different pump and construction types to generate a water jet at high pressure.

          This technique is used for:

          High-pressure pumps up to 1,200 bar and Ultra-high pressure pumps up to 2,000 bar also hot water appliances.

          High-pressure pump

      Suction vehicles

      • Suction vehicles

        • The suction vehicles are mainly used to draw off rinsing water and waste released during the work. Our vehicles are also used to transport waste to the processor.


          • Suction and filling liquids, sludge, etc.
          • Waste materials transport

          Suction vehicle

      Dust extraction vehicles

      • Dust extraction vehicles

        • BUCHEN Industrial Services also has suction vehicles for drawing dry substances by means of air displacement. Applications here include drawing particulate, dry, viscous and liquid media from, for example, tanks, steel plants, power stations and mines. Bulking material into big-bags is also among the possibilities with our vehicles.

          Air displacement installation/high lifter


      • Combi-Units

        • These Combi-Units have the advantage that they can combine the properties of the high-pressure vehicle and suction vehicle. Combi-Units are mainly used for sewer cleaning or cleaning with a large rinsing water flow rate.

          Tanker with suction pressure/sewer Combi

      Transport of hazardous materials

      • Transport of hazardous materials

        • We transport hazardous goods in three modes of transportation, i.e. ADR tanks, bulk goods and packaging, as permitted under the hazardous goods legislation.

          Tanker with suction pressure/sewer Combi

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