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BUCHEN Industrial Services

BUCHEN offers numerous special services for the cleaning and maintenance of industrial installations and parts of installations. The disposal of hazardous waste and rehabilitation are other important constituents of the BUCHEN portfolio

BUCHEN Industrial Services Baltikum OÜ

  • BUCHEN is the ultimate expert in the field of industrial services, waste processing and decontamination. The combined strengths of the Group are highly extensive and deployable at a great many industrial locations. We carry out these three main activities for our industrial customers who always make the highest of requirements as regards safety, health, environmental management and high-quality performance.

    At BUCHEN ...

    • ... we offer our customers services for a common advantage
    • ... we view the expertise of our employees as the basis of our success
    • ... we work on a clean environment
    • ... we unite economic success with quality, safety and the protection of health and the environment
  • Customer satisfaction, flexibility, innovation, environmental care, quality and safety have already been the cornerstones of BUCHEN’s policy and vision for more than 50 years

  • Comprehensive services, one contact person

    BUCHEN’s headquarters is located in Germany, but its subsidiaries are located across Europe. Operating this way enables highly qualified experts to carry out orders with flexibility and efficiency on the site in question. Today, the multinational corporation employs 2,800 people including 40 in Estonia. BUCHEN has now already been operating for more than 50 years, with two establishments in our country and a fleet of 20 vehicles. This means you can rely on us arriving at your site within hours.

    BUCHEN has been in Estonia since 2006. BUCHEN is the European player in the field of cleaning and waste processing. In a nutshell, a strong partner for our customers with whom we are constantly in search of new and safer techniques.

  • Protection in occupational health and safety is more than just an obligation for BUCHEN

    Quality, safety and the protection of health and the environment are important general conditions for our customers and for us.

    Quality, health, safety and the environment (QHSE) are important factors for us and our customers, and will always remain so. Safety is a priority at BUCHEN. The QHSE system is properly certified at all BUCHEN establishments across Europe.

    BUCHEN Industrial Services Baltikum OÜ is ISO 9001 and SCCP certified, while strictly applying and closely monitoring these procedures and rules. BUCHEN Industrial Services Baltikum OÜ is also certified to handle and transport dangerous goods in Estonia. Our BUCHEN employees also undergo regular training relating to safety and processes. Our experienced QHSE employees teach them the basic practices while also making use of our training centers in Germany.

  • A strong partner from a strong group

    BUCHEN Industrial Services Baltikum is subsidiaries of BUCHEN UmweltService GmbH in Germany. BUCHEN belongs to the leading industrial service companies in Europe. On sites of refineries, chemical companies and concerns operating in heavy industry, the company helps significantly in ensuring trouble-free operation and the preservation of the value of installations and installation components. Here account is consistently taken of special customer requirements.

    As a company in the REMONDIS Group, BUCHEN and XERVON have access to the industrial equipment of one of the largest companies in the world in the field of recycling, service and water – which is an advantage for you. Here on the photo you can see the REMONDIS Lippewerk in Lünen, Germany

Adhering to the principle of fairness

  • Responsibility and honesty are the cornerstones of our company culture. No matter what country or field of business we are active in, our actions are always oriented towards legal regulations and ethical and moral principles. Our business activities are based on our Corporate Compliance Guidelines and our management teams and employees are obliged to adhere to these. This comprehensive Code of Conduct defines all relevant subject matters and applies to both BUCHEN as well as to all other companies in the REMONDIS Group.

  • Additional information:

    The compliance guidelines of our corporate group are available for download as PDF
    English version
    French version
    Dutch version


BUCHEN Industrial Services OÜ // A company of the REMONDIS Group
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    All departments across all of Europe have the necessary certification for quality and safety management.
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